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Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Action Camera

Trying to find the best action camera is not always easy.  Some of the most common questions asked by consumers are: “what type of camera is the best for capturing action or physical movement?”, “what is the most affordable digital action camera?”, and “does an expensive camera mean it will produce the best quality?” The answers to these questions can be found on this site.

Today is a great time for extreme action sports.  There are so many extreme activities from snowboarding to surfing to hang gliding to some new ones, such as zorbing, that just came into play few years back. But how can people believe that you actually went zip lining through the Amazon rainforest if you don’t have any proof? You want to make sure that you capture these awesome moments with the right camera.


But how do you choose the right digital action camera?  There are so many choices when buying an extreme sports camera. Whether your sport of choice is mountain climbing, BMX biking, scuba diving, wingsuit flying, or bungee jumping, there is a camera for you out there.

This is where ActionDigitalCameras.com comes into play.  An extreme guy or gal needs a tough camera and we will recommend the best action sports camera for your favorite extreme hobbies and activities. Use this site as a guide to help you choose the perfect action camera for your favorite extreme activity.

The idea is to have your friends and relatives relive your extreme experience and remind yourself just how awesome you are!  It is also nice to share your most adrenaline-pumping moments in Full HD on YouTube or elsewhere, especially if you are a blogger.

What Is An Action Camera?

Extreme action sports involve a lot of intense physical activity and face diverse surroundings. Therefore the camera device must be very small so as to not disturb any physical movements that might hinder your performance.  The camera must be durable enough to withstand potential impact and other adverse conditions such as gusting winds and being immersed in water.  Most of all, action cameras are designed with simplicity in mind.  You don’t have time or the necessary resources to focus or adjust anything while in motion!  Action digital cameras are point and shoot and can be fitted on just about anything.  Action cameras always support wide angle features to capture a broad view of the action.

Understand The Different Types of Extreme Sports

There is a very diverse range of extreme sports being performed today.  This trending sport is constantly being expanded upon each year.  It takes a great deal of athleticism, strength, and courage to perform these extreme actions, which you can see in the following video below.

Each sport requires precise physical movements to perform the stunts successfully. The types of movement being performed is something you should think about before purchasing your camera. For example, will you be able to hold a camera be able to withstand impact?  Another important factor to consider are the physical conditions surround these sports.  For example, will you be in water or climbing off the side of a cliff?

Best Action Cams for Extreme Sports On Land

If you have seen the x-games on tv then you probably know the most common extreme sports such as inline skating, skateboarding, bmx biking, scootering, and motocross.  However there are other cool sports in this category such as parkour, mountain biking, rock climbing, sand boarding, sand kiting, sorbing, mountain boarding, caving or spelunking, assailing, free climbing, and bouldering.

Best Action Cams for Extreme Sports In Water

Have you ever been to a beach or lake?  If so then I’m sure you have seen someone of these common sports: surfing, bodyboarding, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, windsurfing, skim boarding, and paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing.  Some other extreme water sports include fly boarding, white water rafting, cliff diving, cave diving, and scuba diving.

Best Action Cams for Extreme Sports In Snow & Ice

For those warm bodies who enjoy the cold there are extreme sports created for the colder climates such as snowboarding, snow kiting, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice climbing.

Best Cams for Extreme Sports In The Air

Everyone wishes they could fly. Extreme air sports let you do that.  For those who do not fear heights, you can enjoy flying in many different ways such as BASE jumping, skydiving, wing suiting, bungee jumping, high lining, zip lining, hang gliding, paragliding, or parasailing.

Mounting Of Action Cameras Is Important

The first action camera was meant to be wearable and had a harness designed so you can wear it on your chest.  But with the many extreme sports activities came different designs and mounting options.  Camera mounts are designed to free your hands while in action and still provide good angles and views to shoot.  The reason why action cameras are so popular and convenient is because they can be worn to record a first-person view of the action.

Different mounts for different sports are available like helmet mounts, chest mounts, wrist mounts, handle-bar bike mounts, flat board mounts for surf and skateboards, pole/bar mounts, tripod mounts and suction cup mounts for motor sports.  So to make your choice on an action digital camera, you need to address the availability of the mount you need for your sport.  Do you want to wear your action camera on your chest or on your head?  Since action cameras are so cheap, some go for both and do a video montage afterward.  Very professional! Check the videos available on this site to witness the creativity action camera inspire.

How Expensive Are Action Cameras?

Action digital cameras range from $200 up to $500 for the camera itself and you need to take into account the accessories as well and that can add up to the price of the camera alone.  But hey!  I remember in the 70s (of last century) when I was doing skin diving.  To capture action down deep in the water, you needed a waterproof case for the exact analog camera you were using.  And those babies would range around $3000 a piece!  And this is not including the camera itself.  So anything lower than $500 top for a good action camera today is very cheap.

What Are the Best Action Cameras?

Here are some popular extreme sports action cameras when dealing with serious brand names in order:

These are just some of the top brands to consider when searching for the best action camera. All of these come with different features for example some don’t have an LCD screen or viewfinder so some research is necessary before making any purchases.  You might need laser transmission to line up your shot, GPS tracking, Wide angle capability, external battery packs, night shooting capability, voice activation recording and of course the ability to record at 1080p HD (why not?).  Something important to consider is high speed multi-frame like 60p to enable slow motion effects and editing.

Where Do You Buy Action Cameras?

The most convenient place to buy action cameras is online. Definitely make sure to check out the top choices on Amazon.com, because they have some amazing cameras at low prices.  Since we do not sell or manufacture any camera equipment we can truthfully help guide you along the way with our suggestions, recommendations, and research!



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